Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Get on the zone

The Sikeston police are paid as much now as any city. The police could subsidize their income by going and sitting and writing tickets at the strip mall at JC Penney. Anytime you drive by there, at least four or five cars are in the fire zone. The city could use those dollars. These people think they are above the law. Let them spend some of their earned tax income credits on tickets and not car accessories. Send one of your rookies down there and it will pay their wages.

Listen what the man says

Mike, These Democrats calling in and crying about Trump, bragging about Obama and what great a job he's done, anyone that does that sure does not know the Bible. Your President called God a liar by OKing same-sex marriage. God said same-sex marriage is an abomination unto God. Anybody that would praise the President for agreeing to something like that sure don't have no business saying anything about Trump or anybody else. Shame on you. Read your Bible.

New York City?

I'm calling in reference to all the people bashing Mike about his article about Trump's and Obama's failures. It just makes you want to bust a gut laughing at these people who think the Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich. That's just asinine. I'm poor and I'm a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I lived in the state of Arkansas when Clinton and Hillary were governors. I'm here to tell you, they sent their child to a private school - and I know this from a fact from personal friends who are wealthy - and they made comments that their child would not go to school with riff-raff. If you think they are for the poor, you are wrong. Secondly, she makes gazillions of dollars speaking to Wall Street. She is a Wall Street executive. They left rural Arkansas and moved to New York City because they want to be amidst the wealthy. Now if you think that's not true, be smart for once, and go search out records.

Don is not the one

Isn't it going to be embarrassing if Trump gets to be president and his wife is posing nude in Playboy? Trump in the very beginning was going to build a wall - a beautiful, beautiful wall - now he's not gonna build a wall. Mexico is gonna build the wall. He claims he has lots of money. He is not going to spend his money. If you think he's going to spend his money, you're as goofy as he is. I think he needs to be put away for treatment. He is an embarrassment to the country. He's filed bankruptcy three or four times. He's had multiple affairs with women, and several sets of kids. And look at his wife? I don't think people want her representing us. I think she will be an embarrassment to us. He will be impeached before he gets started. Everybody keeps running Clinton down. Well, he's no better than Clinton. Hillary didn't do what her husband done, so why don't they shut their mouth? Trump, in my opinion, is a big embarrassment to our country and doesn't know how to run anything.

A toot for Trump

This is in response to "Trumped up success." Yes, I have been a Democrat by whole life. I voted for that thing Obama who we call a president who has brought this country to its knees. Trump may be a loud mouth, but at least what he says he can back it up. There's no lying to the American people. I'm voting Republican this time and Donald Trump has my vote. I only hope America wakes up. I guess if you wanna give 300,000 illegals free housing, food and college, then vote Democrat.