Monday, March 14, 2016

Tag - you're the idiot

I am calling in regard to the idiot that wrote in and said that Michael Jensen was a self-righteous idiot. I know Mr. Jensen has thick skin and doesn't need anyone to defend him. But I just want to say that I am with you, Mr. Jensen. You are totally correct. Congress did not refuse to work with Obama. Obama's failures created Donald Trump. Obama went to the Arabs and instituted the Muslim Brotherhood. He went to Iran and negotiated a deal with them. We have 5,000 corporations that have moved from the United States under his leadership. Do you call that leadership? I don't. There are more people on food stamps and Welfare and Medicaid that ever in history, thanks to Obama. The Democrats are not for the poor and the working class. You are so wrong. These are not Democrats that are running the country these days, these are Socialists. And they are not out for the poor or the working class, they are out for themselves. The Republicans are for creating jobs. Do you think that Donald Trump would ever have allowed 5,000 corporations to leave the United States of America? I don't. You better wake up. Mr. Jensen is not the self-righteous idiot, you are!

Take a drive on I-55

If anyone wants to see a big sign with Martin Luther King's name on it, get out and start driving on I-55 north to St. Louis or south to Memphis, 'cause we don't want it here.

Practically speaking

I agree with John Graham about changing the name of Main Street. Can you imagine the cost for all the businesses reprinting all their stationery and brochures, signs and ads? Mr. Graham also offered a solution, name one of the new streets near Wal-Mart Dr. Martin Luther King. It's close to the interstate. People will see it coming in. It's not about race. It's about being practical. Instead of the city spending all that money to change street signs, may I suggest the city spend that money to upgrade Matthews Street here in Sikeston? It's named after a local family who have donated land and money for parks, schools and churches and the descendants are still investing in our community today. Like another caller said, we like Main Street just the way it is.

Gotta have a Main Street

This is for those who want to change Main Street. Change South Kingshighway, there are people that go down there and would see the Martin Luther King sign. Every town has a Main Street so if Main Street got changed, where would the new Main Street be?