Thursday, March 17, 2016

Picker upper

I'm the lady who picks up the yard sale stuff. My number has changed. It's 573-838-4980.

Don't sweat position

If you do or if you don't like Donald Trump's position on immigration, taxes, gay marriage, government land grabs, taxpayer funding of planned parenthood, foreign policy, Supreme Court nominees, don't sweat it. He will likely change again before the election and after.


I have been paying Scott County taxes for years. I have paid ambulance tax for years. After 15 years, I had to use the ambulance a few months ago. Today I got a bill for what Medicare did not pay. Why do I pay taxes to the county for an ambulance service, then have to pay for the service? That seems like double-dipping. What's next - every time we need a policeman we get a bill from Public Safety? My last thought is why did my bill come from Pennsylvania? If you're going to bill people, why not use a local company?

Cruz control

Wouldn't you agree that the federal government is too big, too expensive, too invasive, too nosy, owns too much land, there's too many overlapping programs and bureaucracy, wastes too much money, has its nose in too many places that it doesn't belong? Then vote for Ted Cruz on March 15. He is the only candidate that has consistently fought for your constitutional rights, for your freedom, for less government and more liberty.

More on Main

They are saying they want to change the name of Main Street to Martin Luther King. Well, Robert E. Lee has the same birthday as Martin Luther King. If you change Main to Martin Luther King, then I will go to court and see if I can get it changed to Robert E. Lee. I'm really against any change. They just throw temper tantrums, and if they keep throwing them, people will give in. They want us scared to death of them.

And some more

I'm calling in reference to renaming Main Street. I'm not opposed to having a Martin Luther King Street in Sikeston, but to rename all businesses on Main Street, that would cost a lot of money. Who is going to pay for all that? Many streets are being built in Sikeston. Could we not name a new street with his name or have a park with his name, a statue or a mural? There are other options than can do other than renaming Main Street. Not every town has a Martin Luther King Street.