The political turmoil just keeps on brewing

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The odd twists and turns of the Republican presidential primary are almost enough to make Hillary Clinton look like a viable candidate.

As a lifelong conservative - which translates into a lifelong Republican - I find myself frustrated and disgusted with the '16 primary season on the GOP side.

I can't hide my disdain for the Trumpster and his repulsive rhetoric. I have abided the leading GOP contender because I agree with some of his ideas and I fear the prospect of a Clinton victory come November.

But Donald Trump is about as presidential as Donald Duck.

The pundits are framing those who oppose Trump as part of the "establishment." But that argument won't hold water.

Into this chaos comes the new revelation that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are joining their campaigns to stop Trump from, at the very least, a first ballot nomination.

Kasich is pulling his efforts out of Indiana to pave the way for Cruz and Cruz, in turn, is abandoning ship in Oregon and New Mexico to help Kasich garner support there.

When my progressive friends laugh at the latest GOP antics, I will admit I have to agree with them.

The circus just added a third ring.

Among my greater fears is this: Trump and Hillary face off in November and Clinton wins overwhelmingly. That decisive victory gives her momentum to ram through an expanded progressive agenda. Political correctness will go into overdrive and this once proud country will be fully unrecognizable in short order.

Granted, there are issues that could develop and change the election dynamics in the coming months. But short of something unforeseen, it's becoming increasingly difficult for Republicans to hold their heads high.

Reports indicate that Trump has been counseled to tone down the rhetoric and present himself as more presidential. But the ink had not dried on those reports before the Donald reared his ugly head and the Lyin' Ted mantra had returned.

As difficult as it may be for Republicans to brag these days, the Democrats and Ms. Clinton wade in the same swamp.

Even a cursory examination of Ms. Clinton's past is chocked full of highly questionable actions, but those missteps are not likely to make much difference going into election day.

Maybe the Cruz and Kasich tactic will reap rewards and maybe the FBI report on Ms. Clinton's emails will put a dent in her armor.

But we're in sad shape when we put our faith in maybes.

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