Name calling won't solve our problems

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Once again this past week, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus played the race card against opponents of the president's latest progressive scheme.

The argument was - as it has been for the past eight years - that the president's opponents were racists and prone to oppose the president's policies only because of his skin color.

In today's current climate, the race card is the ultimate argument-ender. Disagreement, so the current narrative goes, is for one reason and one reason only: race.

Charging racism is the ultimate ploy to shift the focus of discussion away from substance and into the murky ground of race.

So my question is this: Should Hillary Clinton - God forbid - be elected come November and should disagreement with her policies surface, will the left devise a new gender card?

It seems only logical.

When confronted with facts, logic and history, the left all too often finds itself on the wrong side of countless issues. So to divert the honest discussion away from the obvious, the left relentlessly resorts to name calling and unfounded accusations.

And you know why? It works!

Few among us want to be branded a racist or anti-women. In today's culture, those charges seem to surface with regularity. It's always from the left and it puts opponents on the defensive from the very beginning.

At the same time, those who hold Christian values and oppose the massive drift toward "inclusion," are automatically branded with the homophobic label regardless of their deeply-held beliefs.

When public discourse resorts to name calling, there is no discourse. There is only labeling.

The race card has by far been the most effective tool in the left's arsenal during the Obama years.

The gender card will hold much less power.

But these tactics will remain in the political arena as long as they work.

If you question climate change, you're branded a denier and the left wants you silenced.

Oppose transgender bathrooms, you're a bigoted homophobe.

Question porous immigration policies, you're an isolationist and xenophobic.

Question the removal of all things Christian from the military and public schools, you're a gun-toting, Bible thumper.

Support voter ID laws, racist.

Oppose restoring voting privilege to felons, racist.

Question the tactics of Black Lives Matter, racist.

The left gives us ample labels. Yet, they offer no solutions.

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