Bias mass media endangers the nation

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Of the mountains of declining values that has become the United States, none in my mind compares to the massive fraud and partisanship that has become the mass media in this country.

A cornerstone in a democracy is an impartial, fair media. We depend on those who daily monitor and watch the political process. We depend on them because we cannot be as close to the process as they are.

And because of this unique access, we desperately want to believe what they write and say. We not only want that belief, we depend on their fairness to paint the portrait that is reality.

No longer.

It is not an open secret that the mainstream media in this nation is overwhelmingly liberal. And that is even acceptable.

But when they use fable and lies in a most obvious manner, we are left without that critical picture of candidates and issues.

Experts differ on when this charade began. I have long held the belief that the undoing of the Nixon administration during Watergate was the toe on the water.

As Watergate slowly unfolded drip by drip, it was two inquisitive journalists who broke the story, unseated a president and, in the process, made a name for themselves.

Since then, far too many wannabes have decided their path to glory is with uncovering dirt and grime regardless of its relevance to the issues at hand.

But today's national media talking heads and urban newspaper editors have taken this demise to a new and very low level.

The truth is you simply cannot trust much of what masquerades as news these days. Most national media types are more than willing to parade their partisanship with absolutely no negative repercussions.

They know it and you know it.

But what is even more dangerous is the blatant attempt by some within the liberal culture to silence the opposition.

And given the right set of circumstances and the right person in the White House along with a more-than-willing Supreme Court - the outcome could change the direction of this country for all time and end the United States as we know it.

The solution to the biased media would take some tinkering with the First Amendment and no one is even remotely interested in that drastic move.

So the practical solution is to expose those progressive media types and hit them in the head with their hypocrisy. Then boycott those outlets that are abundantly and obviously biased.

As bad as the political landscape is these days, the dirty secret of the biased national media is much more dangerous to the future of this nation.

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