America doesn't need same failing policies for another four years

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm uncertain if "conventional wisdom" applies to the upcoming presidential election but, if so, then conventional wisdom gives an edge to Hillary Clinton.

But for the super delegates, the former Secretary of State might not even be the Democratic nominee.

Yet now, with a hefty bankroll and a better campaign organization, she is clearly trying to run out the clock and duck and hide over the next 60 days.

And it just might work.

But what puzzles me is the ongoing balancing act Ms. Clinton must continue that seems to evade most Democratic voters.

Here's the rub.

Mrs. Clinton promises an expansion of our immigration policies that have proven unpopular and, in some cases, downright dangerous.

Mrs. Clinton also promises an expansion of Obamacare even though the controversial federal health care takeover has fallen flat on each and every promise that came from the mouth of our current President.

Her solution to the faltering economy is higher taxes despite ample evidence that a boost in the tax rate does more damage than good.

Coming on the heels and running on the legacy of our first black president, Mrs. Clinton somehow promises to heal the racial wounds that currently divide us but there is zero evidence she has the policies or the following to make any improvements whatsoever.

Her solution for international terrorism is more of the same. And we all know just how successful our current policies have been.

Mrs. Clinton promises a new day for America by running against many of the policies and programs that she engineered.

The very real prospect is that come November, we may well have a new president that the majority of Americans believe is dishonest and untrustworthy. And yet we're willing to put our futures and the futures of our children into her hands?

I understand why millions of voters would never support Donald Trump. I get it.

What I don't get is the blind allegiance to the Democratic nominee given her checkered past and her promise to chart the same failed course we've been on for eight years.

Maybe a big beautiful wall will not halt illegal immigration. And maybe, American boots on the ground will not end ISIS. Maybe lower taxes will not stimulate a dismal economy.

Maybe a full repeal of Obamacare will not return stability to our health care. And maybe tougher law enforcement policies will not reduce crime, especially in the inner cities.

But though these policies may not reverse the trend in this country, this much is certain: More of the same is a guarantee for a rapidly deteriorating nation no longer respected, no longer financially viable and no longer safe from the forces who seek our destruction.

Our only hope - like it or not - is to reject the past eight years of the Obama nightmare and chart a new path for this once great nation.

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