Saturday, May 26, 2018

When is minimum wage going up?

Hi, Iím just wondering when the state of Missouri is going to raise the minimum wage. Some of us ainít even hardly above the poverty rates. Weíre working hard for our money and it seems like the governor and all the people in Jefferson City are making all the money and the poor workers in Southeast Missouri and the surrounding areas are doing without. So, with the gas prices going up, I feel like the minimum wage should be going up too. Itís been a while since Missouri raised it. Other states have raised it and some of it are $15 an hour I think. So Missouri get with it and raise those wages so a person can live.

Missouri actually raised the minimum wage rate at the beginning of the year, increasing it from $7.70 to $7.85.

Why are gas prices so high?

Hi, yes, I want to know why gas is so high. Ever since Trumpís been in office gas has been high. When Obama was there, it was never this high. People canít even hardly afford to drive to work anymore. Itís almost $2.54, $2.60 or $3. Hey we need a new president in there. Thank you for letting me speak out.

You are incorrect. Gasoline prices averaged the highest ever in†2012, with the nationwide average price gas at $3.60, up nine cents from the average in 2011. Gas was regularly over $3 a gallon in Southeast Missouri in those years. Obama was president from January 2009 until January 2017.