Hope for better days ahead with Parson

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Iím not sure how history will treat the resignation of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

As a supporter of the Republican governor, I fully expected the former Navy Seal to shine as Missouriís top executive and, like many others, I also saw a bright political future for Greitens.

It was no secret that Greitens had higher political aspirations. He was widely rumored to have his eye on the Presidency at some future point. And given his pedigree, that path may well have been possible.

But on his way to the Governorís mansion in Missouri, Greitens alienated much of his own party. And in reality, it was the Republicans in the Legislature who had the Governor as a target as much as the Democrats.

When the news of his extramarital affair first erupted, many of those who were alienated saw blood. The beginning of the end had begun.

To compound the problem, a question arose about the Governorís handling of a donor list for fundraising purposes. That sticky question which has yet to be fully answered was the final nail in the coffin.

And now Lt. Gov. Mike Parson is at the top of the heap. His relationship with the Legislature will surely be an improvement for our state. And his background in the Legislature is likely to give him somewhat free sailing, at least in the short term.

You canít help but admit, the Republican party ó though still dominate in Jefferson City ó will take a hit from this fiasco.

But lost in the headlines in the underlying issue of a runaway prosecutor in St. Louis and a shady investigator who apparently broke more laws than you can count.

Greitens said the St. Louis Prosecutor was on a witch hunt and used unsavory tactics to gain headlines when the affair first broke.

I canít help but hope those liberal officials someday face some form of consequence for their actions.

But hope is not a strategy and itís doubtful youíll hear of any punishment.

We wish the new governor success because this is a critical time for our state.

And someday ó perhaps far down the road ó those within the Republican party who were anxious for Greitens' day to come will have to fully explain their actions in this ordeal.

Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is running against Claire McCaskill, was an early advocate for the governor to resign. He got his wish. But at what price?

Hawleyís actions will likely hurt his bid for the Senate seat from many diehard Republicans who saw his position as harmful to the GOP.

Itís a new day. We hope and pray itís a better day ahead.

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