Trumpís actions speak louder than his words

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Iíve tried to avoid writing this column for quite some time.

But I have to be honest.

I cringed while watching President Trumpís political rally in West Virginia last week. And this is far from the first time I have found myself bewildered by the ramblings of this President.

As a self-confessed supporter of this administration, my cringe-worthy moment was surely shared by others.

In so many ways, Donald Trump remains a tone deaf businessman with zero speaking skills. He clearly lacks the speaking polish of Barack Obama or the gifted sense of humor of Ronald Reagan.

His ego often runs on steroids and his nonstop battle with the media ó though accurate ó is wearing thin.

Like in West Virginia last week, his off-script recitation of his historic 2016 Presidential election makes him look arrogant as he continues to thumb his nose at the Democrats.

All too often, especially on the heels of Obamaís fiery rhetoric, Trump sounds like a loud-mouthed half-sotted uncle.

Iím sorry, but I literally cringe as I listen to the same witticisms that too often fall flat.


I can ignore his style to gain the substance of his policies.

What my wife sees as candor, I see as bluster.

Despite his lack of speaking skills, the anemic faltering of the Obama economy has given way to the booming, job-filled Trump economy.

The apologetic foreign policy of Obama has vanished with Trumpís American first approach, which was long overdue.

Trump is slowly eroding the disastrous Obamacare while domestic energy production is at an all-time high.

And of upmost importance, the open borders failure of the Obama years is finally giving way to a controlled immigration policy that will help protect the health and safety of Americans.

I can overlook the rambling recitations of all things Donald, if we regain the national progress of years past.

Democrats are in a continual meltdown over Trumpís words because they canít argue with his success. And so they simply ignore it.

Itís hard to get past his train-wreck speaking style but his policies, his deregulations, his love of the military and his support for American values overrides his oratorical deficiencies.

Though I may cringe at his stump speeches, I realize that success comes from actions not words.

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