Saturday, September 22, 2018

Why no plastic bags?

Plastic bags is my subject and I saw on the TV the other morning where they are going to stop making plastic bags. They didnít give any details as to what they are going to replace the plastic bags with and Iíd appreciate if you can find some more out for me about the plastic bags. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Letís be good neighbors

Yes, I was just calling to ask that people be good neighbors. There is someone in the neighborhood, that every time they leave the house the husband or the wife and drive in front of their daughterís house, two houses down, and blow the horn. Keep in mind you may have a neighbor with a newborn baby who was just put to sleep. Keep in mind you may have a neighbor who is very critically ill and was up all night, sick and just got to bed to get some rest and that horn blowing wakes them up. If itís a code or an emergency, probably the neighbors would be able to help watch if there is somebody your leaving there. Surely there is a better way than blowing the horn, whether it be night or day. I think there is probably an ordinance in town. Everybody likes to be a good neighbor and your neighbor will be more than happy to help you if you gotta leave and they got someone visiting to watch your watch. Could you kind of cool it or shorten the horn blowing? Because itís frustrating when you hear that baby wake up screaming their head off after you just walked them to sleep. And the sick person. Thank you and we all like to be good neighbors. Letís work together to have the best and safest neighborhood we got. Thank you.

Making a mess of East Prairie road

Someone needs to come and look at 535th road. They just recently blacktopped it and they made a mess of it. It will not hold up through the winter. Some places are breaking down all ready and they should black top the road all the way through. We all need to duck. Lots of the farmer travel this road and they go very, very fast. And a lot of people from out of town and around travel this road and they go 60 and 70 miles per hour. You want our vote but you donít want to do your job. Everybody around has a good blacktop road. Why canít we? We havenít had a good road in years and years and years. No wonder so many people are moving out of East Prairie. Mr. Conn, please come and look and our road. I know you want our vote.