Pushing summer wear in winter just isnít right

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Christmas lights still shine brightly and the New Yearís resolutions are in the formulating stage.

But lo and behold, I arrived at the office this morning and there on my computer screen in bright bold letters was an advertisement for a major retail chain that said - and I quote - ďJust in Time for SummerĒ.

I have a passing knowledge of just how retail sales work. Iíve dealt with retailers all of my adult business life. And I recognize there is a retail advantage to being first with a product or service, etc.

But hang on here. Before the year is out, trying to push summer merchandise does not set well with me.

Iím not at all interested in shopping for summer shorts when thereís snow on the ground. Swimming attire does not catch my eye in the dead of winter.

Iím a boot kinda guy this time of year and a sale on flip flops just plain flops with me.

Why rush it? Why not embrace this miserable season because, letís face it, we canít do much about it anyway.

Granted, I might be thinking of sandy beaches and balmy resorts this time of year. But that doesnít make me want to rush to a store for sand buckets and beach umbrellas.

Perhaps retailers know more about our shopping habits than we do ourselves. But I doubt it.

I complain annually when businesses put out Christmas displays in mid-October. And if youíve noticed, many of those displays are springing up in early October. Rest assured, Christmas in September is not far behind.

But promoting summer sales in December seems wildly inappropriate and somewhat humorous.

Because of sales on Christmas, many consumers take this time of year to purchase items for Christmas 2019. I understand. When artificial trees are discounted 80 per cent, I can recognize a bargain with the best of shoppers.

There is a difference however with a summer promotion a mere week after the official start of winter.

Iím told, though I canít verify, that some stores are stocking Valentineís Day merchandise this week. Thatís a bit of a stretch but not nearly as bad as summer items.

We consumers are often guided in our purchases by the dazzling displays that line the store aisles. Retailers know this. And thus, we are goaded into purchases by what is new and available.

All I know is this.

If youíre in the market for swimming attire, thereís a retailer out there anxious to make your dream come true.


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