American culture is at core of political scuffles

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Perhaps itís simplistic to say, but the political struggle currently embroiling our nation is less about policy than it is about differing visions on Americaís future.

Itís easy to create a heated debate over a border wall or a plan for universal Medicare or radical climate change regulations.

But at the core of these scuffles is the real battle óthe future of American culture.

Some of this stark realization erupted this weekend when veteran talking head Tom Brokaw opined on the implications of a southern border wall.

In his comments, Brokaw said Latino assimilation into American culture was an important ingredient in the immigration discussion and this new population must work harder to assimilate.

The push back was immediate. It also provided a glimpse into what progressives believe is a window into our future.

Brokaw was savagely berated for his assimilation comment. The progressive Latino cabal said that America should be a bilingual nation with a mix of cultures from this new emerging population explosion.

Brokaw spent the remainder of his day apologizing profusely for his politically incorrect comment. But his clarifications were met with stiff resistance.

Weíre in the midst of a cultural war unlike any in our nationís history. We are all guilty of wasting time on the policy details that polarize the political camps.

While we debate tax cuts and guaranteed minimum income, the left has a much greater agenda they donít dare promote.

If the majority of Americans could look into the future and envision the America as seen by the rising socialists in the Democratic party, there would be a backlash of massive proportions.

But the progressives know that through policy change, they can arrive at their Utopian world of multiculturalism.

The stakes in this cultural war are critical.

Iím not one who yearns for yesteryear. I recognize the progress made on so many fronts since my youth and youíd have to be a fool to return to the darker days of our national history.

But the war currently raging is about values and a history rich in progress and national unity.

Acceptance to change is a foundation in our society. Are there limits? Youíre darned right there are limits.

Nations remain strong when they have secure borders, a common language and, most important of all, shared values.

One nation, under God, indivisible.

The progressive movement on immigration and, not just equal opportunities but rather equal outcomes, is a highly divisive movement aimed at the underpinnings of American society.

Tom Brokaw spoke the truth and it cost him. He is but the latest casualty in a politically correct battle that is quick to place a racist label on any orthodoxy that does not parrot the progressive talking points.

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