This week’s absurd news: Olympic breakdancing and a do-nothing job

Saturday, March 9, 2019

As you would expect, I read a lot. And I mean, a lot.

Granted, it’s easy to spend countless hours pouring over the latest political shenanigans paraded as legislation by our elected officials.

But in between the latest political news, I often come across those minor tidbits that are so absurd and so unusual, that — like a train wreck — you simply can’t avert your eyes.

Perhaps it’s a reflection on the current state of social change, but two items caught my attention this week that clearly illustrate something — what I’m not too sure.

Let’s start off with this.

If all goes according to plan, breakdancing will become an Olympic “sport” starting with the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Like many young boys, I grew up with a fascination over the Olympic Games. The pageantry, the intense competition, the world’s records all became part of the massive televised spectacle.

Jesse Owens, the Fosbury Flop, Cassius Clay all the way to Michael Phelps. These were the Olympics that attracted worldwide attention and national pride.

But breakdancing? You’ve got to be kidding!

Also on tap for inclusion in the Olympic Games are surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding.

Singing and poetry reading can’t be far behind.

But even breakdancing pales in comparison to the news out of Sweden this week.

It seems the Swedish government has decided to fund an art project that will pay some lucky soul to do nothing for the rest of their life.

Here’s how it works.

Someone will be chosen to come to a newly-constructed train station each morning and turn on the lights. And then each evening, they will be required to return and turn off the lights.

In between, the person is obligated to do nothing. For life.

And because of the rigors of the job, the lucky person will also receive vacation pay, a pension and health benefits.

To do nothing.

And you cannot be fired. No questions asked.

The pay equals about $2,500 US monthly. Of interest to us, even American citizens can apply.

I would highly suspect that many Americans would be well-qualified for this “job.” We currently have literally millions of our fellow Americans who already have an identical job description.

Breakdancing and do-nothing jobs get lost in most news cycles. We’re far too preoccupied with other more important issues.

But little by little, our world is changing. And by most measures, not necessarily for the better.

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