It’s time to investigate, hold accountable SPLC

Saturday, March 23, 2019

You’ve probably heard of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing nonprofit founded in 1971 to address civil rights violations.

Funded by progressive activists and organizations, the liberal watchdog is coming under legal scrutiny for some dirty laundry within its ranks.

Earlier this month, the SPLC fired its founder and longtime director Morris Dees for some unnamed violations.

But, apparently, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now some employees of the liberal legal group are saying that racial and sexual discrimination are rampant within their ranks.

So why should we care?

Well in recent years — including as recently as two years ago — Sikeston was cited by the SPLC as home to a hate group.

How could this happen?

Well the story illustrates the lack of investigation and shoddy work that has become the hallmark of the progressive pit bulls.

Some years ago, some idiot near Wappapello posted a Facebook tidbit that alleged a cross burning would be held near Sikeston.

So we checked with every law enforcement agency in this area and, sure enough, not one ounce of evidence could be found to support this nasty allegation.

Now just for a moment, consider the impact of this flawed and phony report on those who are trying to promote our community for new business, industry and residents.

We took our case to the SPLC, and, as expected, they ignored our concerns and sent us a link to the idiot who posted the lie.

But this has become the new tactic of the SPLC. They are currently under investigation for inaccurate branding of conservative groups as “hate groups” and are likely to fork over big bucks for those wrongly cited.

But here’s the real problem.

Large tech monsters like Google and Amazon rely on the SPLC to monitor “hate speech” for their programs. The “catch” is that the SPLC gets to define what they consider hate speech and more often than not, that targets conservative groups.

We’re not talking small potatoes here. The SPLC has a half-billion dollars in assets and continues to collect big bucks from the usual liberal suspects.

It’s time investigators examine very closely the politics behind the SPLC and those progressive socialists who use the group as both their bullies and their tax write-offs.

If left unchecked, Sikeston will once again be branded unfairly, and the liberals will get away with character assassination of an innocent community.

It’s time for some light to be shed on this group and accountability to be enforced.

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