There is no return for national news media

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I can only imagine how future historians will treat this time in American history.

The truth is we are in uncharted waters. Comparisons to Watergate fall far short of reality. We have entered the Twilight Zone of governance and for that, there will be a price to pay.

The once-proud Democratic party has abandoned the American people in their hyper-obsessive jehad to overturn the 2016 Presidential election.

Their litany of anti-Trump gyrations requires a scorecard to stay abreast of their latest partisan ramblings.

It’s crystal clear the Democrats’ game plan is to maintain pressure on the President until election day 2020 in hopes that the American public will ignore a booming economy and an improved standing on the world stage.

The Democrats surely realize there is limited reason to vote for any of their announced hopefuls so instead they push to motivate the electorate to vote against Donald Trump.

Their reasoning is not unique but their nonstop anti-Trump messaging takes partisan politics to a new level.

The Democrats’ always-objective Maxine Waters labels Trump supporters as anti-patriotic and candidate Kamala Harris opines on continuing the Trump probes after he is defeated in the 2020 elections and out of office.

Obstruction of justice and collusion have entered the mainstream dialogue and will remain a talking point regardless of any factual evidence.

There are two observations concerning this unusual political culture that has paralyzed progress in our country.

Lost on the national Democratic leadership is the understanding that many more moderate Democrats, especially in flyover country, are rapidly becoming disenchanted with the Trump obsession.

But more importantly, when that history is someday written, it will be the national news media that will be the focus of some unkind scrutiny.

The national media have abandoned all pretense of fairness as they carry the water for the Democratic National Committee.

Someday far into the future cooler heads will prevail within the Democratic party and they will return to conduct the people’s business as they have throughout history.

But the damage done to the reputation of our national media culture may never return.

As even the most casual observer can see, the landscape for information delivery is rapidly changing. Eyes glued to television news are in a major decline.

Future news absorption will come from some yet-discovered source, that much is certain.

And though partisan reporting will not disappear, today’s major television networks are highly unlikely to be players.

If and when the Democrats return to some semblance of sanity, the two-party system will flourish.

For the national news media, there is no return.

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