Saturday, June 22, 2019

Donít do it, Josh, donít do it

Josh Hawley is trying to pass a do-not track act modeled after the national do-not call list, which is a joke. I opted out two years in-a-row for that one and I get more telemarketer calls now than I did before. Please Josh, check and see if that one works. It donít.

Stop running mouth about abortion

To the Bible thumper who shot off his big mouth about abortion, which is none of his business, this is what I have to say to you. Few people in this world believe in the same God you do. In fact, most people do not know of, or believe in your God. Most women donít women donít have an abortion unless itís a serious problem in their life. And the women are more important than the fetus. Of all the killing of live human beings which is done in war, I bet you have an excuse for that. If God didnít intend for women to make decisions concerning their pregnancy, he wouldnít have given them that responsibility. And it doesnít matter what you and some preacher man says. Mind your own business.

Stay out of the abortion argument

Hey you bigot, if you think abortion is wrong, then donít have one. But stay out of womenís reproductive choices and other peopleís business. People who live in this free country make those decisions for themselves, not