Sunday, December 1, 2019

Miner tax and police chief thoughts

Good afternoon Southeast Missouri, Miner, Missouri, especially. Yes, Mr. Jenkins, the co-editor of the Standard Democrat, I saw your opinion thing on Sundayís paper. Sikeston and everybody has tax things but if we donít have some kind of small amount itís not going to compensate to pay the bills. Thatís all there is to it. And as far as the police chief thing, Iím glad you donít have a dog in this race, because like I said, we took it bad on that last one, because of an elected post. A lot of people should know that. And they should, 90 percent of the townís in Missouri are hired police chiefs, not elected. Thatís where our town got ripped by this person and the person that let him do it. So please yes, go vote, of course. Vote your way. Donít be coerced by other individuals thoughts that donít live here. But again, itís important, that vote does count. Appreciate you Mr. David. You guys and everybody have a great day. Stay warm and check on your neighborís too. God bless America.

Public school systems are mediocre

If the ordinary working class of people in the United States could and would read, capital letters, our country would be a different place. Instead, our middling, poorer classes are kept as ignorant slaves by a public school system run by the top notch mediocrities of all-time. The mediocre graduates of schools of education, specializing in mediocrity and conformity that encourages anything of critical thinking or reading.