Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Donít allow UTVs on streets

Yes, I hope the city council does not pass the authorization allowing UTVs on city streets. From my understanding of state law, the UTVs cannot even cross Main or Malone, I know they arenít allowed to be operated on them by state law, but my understanding is they cannot even cross those streets. We donít need UTVs on city streets. Itís just ridiculous. Some people believe they should be able to have whatever they want. Itís like a certain person griping about rental property and code enforcement. Heís getting his way and thatís not right. Thank you.

Students should watch hearings

The last few weeks would have been a wonderful time for our junior high and senior high public school students to be studying the constitution and impeachment. With teachers explaining to them what is going on and how and why so they can watch transmission of these meetings and understand a little bit. How much do you want to bet Mr. Editor that not one word has been said to our public school students? And of course expecting the teachers to know anything about the constitution or be aware of it either is too much to expect of schools of education graduates isnít it?