Wednesday, May 6, 2020

No landfill means junky county

I have some excess junk to dispose of and lo and behold I find out that Scott County nor the City of Sikeston either one has a landfill. No wonder this county is so trashy and junky.

Buying is to blame for high rates

Yes, I would like to complain about BMU and their high rates. You know if they wouldn’t be a piggy bank for the City of Sikeston and buy the old golf course and buy the Boyer Farms south of town for an industrial park, our rates wouldn’t be so high. That old golf course doesn’t produce a penny in revenue, just expenditures for BMU. If they would quit doing this stuff our rates would probably go down.

Check your math

To the person who had the ad in the Speakout column about giving every American a million out of a million would leave 970 million. You need to check that again. You don’t know how many million it takes to make a billion. Your way off on your numbers.