Saturday, July 4, 2020

People who donít wear masks are stupid

Anybody thatís out in public and doesnít wear a mask shows their stupidity. They donít care about their fellow man and not even their self. My family all wears a mask when we go out. I have respect for everyone and so does my family. We donít want the virus and I donít want to give it to anyone. That is stupid.

Enforce the law to fix community

I just read on the phone where the community meeting to have a new program set up, SEPS, to help relationships in the community. It is such a waste of time. The only thing that the community has to do to get along with each other is obey the law. Itís very simple. If they quit giving in, rolling over and playing dead, just enforce the law, the community will get along just fine.

Committees donít help

I see in Cape Girardeau where they have formed another committee to get the whites to admit there is a racial problem. Whoopeee. There is a racial problem. And itís caused 100% by whites. Does anybody believe forming committees, rolling over to more committees, giving in, turning the other cheek, is going to help one thing? Theyíre nuts.

Caller doesnít believe people are hungry

Iíd like to make a comment on an article that appeared in the Sunday, June 28, regarding Southeast Missouriís highest rate of hunger in the state. Where are all these hungry people at? Go to Walmart and out in public and look at all the overweight people. I donít think anybody is hungry in this day and time. As a matter of fact we all need to lose a little weight instead of claiming people are hungry. I just donít see that with all these overweight people around.

Is the city using mosquito truck_?

I was wondering if the newspaper could find out how much the city got for the mosquito spraying machine that we had. Evidently we sold it because we sure in the heck arenít using it.