Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Trump abusing power in many ways

President Trumpís newscast on Tuesday afternoon (July 14), was nothing more than campaign talk, bragging how great he is, criticizing and blaming fault of his leadership on competitors, other countries and the media. His speech had nothing to do with current issues, or solutions, addressing the country. If another candidate gave this kind of speech they would have to pay the news stations for campaign time. Is this another sample of power abuse by this president?

Support the US Postal Service

Trump is threatening to defund and shut down the post office. Some have said that Trump wants to shut down the postal service to prevent voting by mail in the next election. Some think he is trying to break the postal union, get rid of our postal workers, eliminate their hard earned retirement and replace them with private contractors. Yes, the postal service is losing money but it is justified. People donít send letters, packages and mail like they did 20-plus years ago as it has been replaced by computer correspondence, e-mail, and other modern technology. People who live in small rural areas like Sikeston would be severely hurt without mail service. US Postal rates are competitive with other carriers. Would all the farmers lose their mail delivery? Not all people can pay their bills online. There is still people who live in areas who donít have internet access. Who would be left to deliver our mail? Postal employees are proud respected neighbors, friends and members of our local community. Please support keeping our United States Postal Service.

Do candidates have thoughts on local issues?

I have been receiving a lot of Republican campaign material lately. I have a problem with them all. They all say the same thing: i.e. pro-life, pro-guns, pro-Trump, anti-Obamacare, reduce regulations, create jobs and anti-immigration. I have not seen one candidate suggest support for a local or state issue. How am I supposed to select a candidate when they all say the same thing?

Why is Nelly playing rodeo?

Why are the Sikeston Jaycees and Jaycee Rodeo hosting Nelly on Domestic Abuse Awareness night when Nelly has been accused and settled numerous lawsuits of sexual assault? Is this what our town wants to support?

Nelly is playing on Wednesday night and Domestic Abuse Awareness is on Saturday night. Also, Nelly was never criminally charged and has denied these allegations.

Hoping stores require masks

I am happy that Walmart and Samís Club has finally made face covering a requirement for entrance to their stores. I hope other stores in Sikeston will follow. It is a shame that our local, state and federal politicians have politicized safety rather than protecting the public. The virus unfortunately is getting worse and until a curable drug or a vaccine is available, it will be with us for many, many months.