Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Mask policies are like Vietnam

Just received another notification from a business notifying me of required face coverings (masks). In my youth (19 years of age), my government sent me an induction (draft) notice. I allowed myself to be “drafted” and sent to a distant combat zone. Vietnam. I grew to regret very much that decision. I saw buddies die for a political agenda. An agenda that often times tied our hands and allowed our enemies to take advantage of the politics of our cherished America. A place we dearly missed and wanted to come “home” to. Now, those in charge are demanding we wear masks in public. Yet they refuse to properly report the true statistics related to COVID-19. We hear only the new cases. One nurse was listed as “positive” and home quarantine, when it was discovered two weeks later she had mononucleosis. People with slight temperatures are listed falsely. People with a runny nose — improperly. Folks with a cough — again improperly. And the so called positive listings go on-and-on, day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month. It’s time to stop. Do your jobs properly. Report the facts. Quit fudging/falsely reporting data. The same crap took place in “Nam”. You see where that got us? I’m tired of all the falsehoods coming from elected officials. Try telling the truth for a change. A 70-year-old combat vet.

Happy for new store in East Prairie

Yes, I am so glad we are having a new store open up in the old Fred’s building over here in East Prairie. Maybe now it will give the dollar store employees time enough to stock the shelves where we don’t have to drive to Charleston or Sikeston to get our stuff. So I am so glad it is moving on so fast and I can’t wait because it will give us a second place to shop over here and won’t have to drive to Sikeston as much.

Kill the mosquitoes

I saw that mosquito sprayer that the City of Sikeston owns. It was going around and around the Public Safety Department office but I haven’t seen it go anywhere else. You would think mosquitoes would spread this coronavirus as much as anything else. Wish the city sprayed for those bugs.

Fisticuffs in Miner

Good afternoon southeast Missouri, Miner, Missouri. Well we’ve got another episode over here in the big town of Miner. As everybody already heard, we had a little knock-down, drag out, just a touch, senior citizen style. The mayor, I don’t blame him for punching him. Cause the other guy does not want to shut up and quit harassing until he aggravates him. Both of them are sue happy. The other one thinks he owns the town. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and an ego as big as the world. I’m glad the mayor decked him. He just won’t shut up. He’s that way. We’ll see how this plays out. Stay in. Stay cool. Keep the gloves on. Take care. God bless America.