Saturday, September 5, 2020

Sikeston still spray for mosquitoes?

I wonder if the City of Sikeston is ever going to spray for mosquitoes. Theyíre terrible this year.

Take down that flag

Donna in Miner, please take your flag down. Itís in shreds. If you canít have more respect than that just take it down and donít even put another one up.

Foster home unfit for kids

Hello, my grandkids are in state custody. One is 8 and one is 1 year old. The one that is 8 is in a place in Fredericktown, Missouri. When we went there it looked terrible. It looked unsanitized, it looked unfit for kids to be in. Also he has lost way too much weight. You can almost see his ribs. When we call to check on him, he told us that he told them he wanted to come home and they restrained him. Also, the place is unfit. We got to visit one time and instead of windows the place was boarded up with ply board. They wouldnít let us in.

Ocean-front property available

Hello, I was wondering how many people believe that China accidentally lost control of the coronavirus. Those who do will probably vote for Biden and socialism and many free things will be no longer there. Put your addresses in Speakout and I have some ocean-front property in Missouri I want to sell you. Cause thatís how smart you are if you vote for him. If you want freedom vote for Trump. And by the way, the blacks are more prejudiced than whites. Have a good day.