Saturday, September 12, 2020

Make BLM pay for repairs

Hello America, southeast Missouri, Miner, Missouri. Weíre all going through difficult times now, besides the virus, idiots out there protesting, burning up peopleís businesses just for the heck of it and they can get away with it. Then in Minneapolis up there, those idiots want the federal government to give them $55 million to rebuild. Get the organizers of that BLM crap and charge them. Taxpayers didnít burn it down. Them idiots out on the street did. Look at Denver this morning. Look at Portland. Look at Seattle. Itís all the liberal states who have no control and donít give a darn. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to take back our country and we need to do it fast, because if we get Biden in there, he canít wake up in time to make a decision. Because heís letting all of the other idiots make it for him like the rest of the presidents the last three presidents we had. They were a joke too. We got to get in there. I donít know how it will change, but we gotta stand firm. Have a great day and God bless America.