Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Crossing needs addressed

We have a dangerous crossing on Salcedo Road and BB Highway. There have been too many wrecks, too many injuries and too many lives lost. For whatever reason, drivers donít want to stop on BB. For those who do, remember, the cars traveling on Salcedo Road have a speed limit of 55. Donít pull out in front of them, or cross the road thinking I can make it. Please consider installing a flashing overhead light. Maybe put some speed bumps down on BB Highway as they approach the stop sign. Please do something. Please do not ignore this intersection anymore. This has been going on too long. Putting a little sign up that says ďCross-traffic does not stop,Ē is not going to cut it.

You can take your concern to th e cityís traffic committee.

Mad abbout Madden 2021

Good afternoon, a rainy Southeast Missouri. Miner, Missouri. I just had an upsetting thought. Iíve enjoyed the Madden football stuff and everything. But this year it took the cake. It is so disgrace, so disgusting. Theyíre putting Kaepernick on there. He hasnít played football for a while. He doesnít like America. Heís a jerk. But, EA Sports and Nike are paying him handsomely to be an idiot. Ladies and gentlemen, I donít watch sports anymore because I donít like the crap. Donít buy the game. No. No, no, no. That was my input and everything. Everybody be safe out there on these roads and everything, itís slick and everything with the rain. All these kiddies too out there on Halloween. Be cautious. We have to take care of our babies. God bless America. Everybody have a great day and donít buy Madden 2021.