Letter to the Editor

Letter: Thank you for help during home fire

Friday, March 26, 2021

Dear Editors:

Thank you from the family of the Chaffee home fire on March 8 at 1:30 in the morning. Our family watched the fire take everything from us and burn one of us badly enough for AirEvac care to St. Louis. We are thankful beyond words for our safety and our friends!

A special thank you to Mr. Probst for ensuring we had a new place to call home before night fell! Thank you, Mr. Sam Gluency, and the Chaffee Fire Department, along with the surrounding fire departments! Thank you to Dena Cook-Milz and The Chaffee Community Care Portal for the many needed items. Blessings to everyone for the donations that have helped us begin again including Gean Knotts, Steve and Bonnie Shelton, Bobbie Owens, Martha Felty and son, Steve, Mr. Adam, Jeanie Brown, our neighbors, the EMTs, Mercy Hospital, Southern Bank.

We were also blessed to have VNA and Lowes to understand our need for a few days out of work immediately following the home fire.

Much gratitude,

Tamara Wyatte, David Kinsey, Shanwna Jackson

and Alexus Wyatt