Local students named to Dean’s List at Southeast Missouri State

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — The following students have been named to the spring 2021 Dean’s List at Southeast Missouri State University.

Students named to the list earned at least a 3.75 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, completed at least 12 hours of standard graded credit, achieved no grade below a B and received no failing grades in enrolled, credit/no credit or pass/fail courses.

Logan Acup of Clarkton; Bria Adams of Sikeston; Dawson Adams of Gideon; Matthew Agin of Benton; Hailey Anderson of Dexter; Que Anderson of Charleston;

McKenzie Anthony of Dexter; Elizabeth Backfisch of Scott City; Hunter Bailey of Matthews; Abigail Baney of Puxico; Kaylea Bard of Jackson; Mackenzie Barger of Chaffee; Ethan Bartlett of Sikeston; Karlee Beggs of Oran; Taylor Beggs of Sikeston; Carley Bilek of Chaffee; Shira Bills of Lilbourn; Dakota Black of Advance; Kim Blanchfield of Sikeston; Shawn Blunt of Sikeston; Emmy Bolen of Benton; Hallie Bollinger of Chaffee; Dailey Bond of Chaffee; Jessica Braun of Scott City; Kassi Bright of Advance; Jon Broom of Sikeston; Destiny Bruenderman of Scott City; Hunter Bryant of Sikeston; Mckayla Burris of Marston; Kaci Byford of Bertrand; Erin Calvert of Gideon; Jyrevie Carba of Dipolog City, Philippines; Austin Carmack of Oran;

Arianna Carter of Dexter; Stormie Childers of Charleston; Jordan Clark of Advance Chloe Clayton of Scott City; David Cline of Bloomfield; Mattison Cline of Chaffee; Samantha Coffee of Sikeston; Garrison Collier of Dexter; Monica Collinsworth of Scott City; Claire Conaway of Charleston; Kate Cooper of Bloomfield; Charlie Cox of Sikeston; Samuel Cox of Sikeston; Ella Crader of Sikeston; Emma Cundiff of Scott City;. Jeremiah Dale of Dexter; Lyndsey Deen of Matthews; Tara Dees of Scott City; Sydney Dittlinger of Benton; Kelsey Dixon of Dexter; Emma Drury of Sikeston; Kelli Dukes of Sikeston; Collin Dumey of Benton; Caitlyn Earnheart of Risco; Alex Eftink of Chaffee; Connor Eidson of Portageville; Daiquan Evans of Sikeston; Katherine Fraire of Sikeston, Elijah Freeman of Dexter, Briana Gadberry of Sikeston, Meridyth Givens of East Prairie, Storm Glastetter of Chaffee, Hannah Glueck of Chaffee, Katie Glueck of Chaffee, Tyler Glueck of Scott City, Justin Godwin of Dexter, Faith Grant of Sikeston, Kamryn Graviett of Chaffee, Kenna Graviett of Chaffee, Mackenzie  Graviett of Oran, Melanie Gray of Portageville, Rachel Grubbs of Sikeston, Kodie Haas of Sikeston,  Brenna Hahn of Oran, Zach Hahs of Benton, Jennifer Hall of Charleston, Layton Hampton of Wardell, Sophia Hancock of Puxico, Anna Hanselman of Chaffee, Kaytlynn Haynes of Puxico, Becca Hegeman of Scott City, Abbey Heisserer of Scott City, Madison Heisserer of Scott City, Devin Heuring of Chaffee, Alyssa Hillis of Sikeston, Libby Hodges of Sikeston, Gunnar Hollins of Portageville, Dalton Huffman of Benton, Cassidy Hughes of Portageville, Makayla Hutton of Sikeston, Khloe Hyche of Scott City, Bethany Hyten of Dexter, Bridgette Jenkins of Benton, John-Erik Jenkins of Benton,

Makayla Job of Scott City, Madelyn Johnson of East Prairie, AnaLee Jones of Puxico,

Courtney Jones of Sikeston, Shakyra Jones of Sikeston, Laura Juarez Draves of Charleston, Blake Kaylor of Sikeston, Gracie Kern of Scott City, Nathan Kiehl of Scott City, Liza King of Dexter, Anna Kate Klueppel of Sikeston, Jack Klueppel of Sikeston, Mary Beth Knutson of Chaffee, Cameron Koch of Sikeston, Maddy LaBudde of Benton, Amanda Lalk of East Prairie, Joseph Landewee of Chaffee, Garrett Laramore of Dexter, Savanna Leath of Benton, Taylor Lewis of Benton, Ethan Limbaugh of Oran, Alyssa Lunsford of Chaffee, Hailee Mayfield of Dexter, Sydney Mayo of Bloomfield, Austin McGill of Sikeston, Emily McGowen of Bloomfield, Rita Meeker of Morley, Miranda Menz of Chaffee, Sam Merritt of Chaffee, Allie Miller of Chaffee, Luke Morgan of East Prairie, Clayton Moser of Bloomfield, Kolby Musgrave of Dexter, Whitney Nicoson of Scott City, Kylie Noe of Sikeston, Grae Palmer of New Madrid, Emma Pearson of East Prairie, Alicia Pemberton of Charleston, Kari Pepple of Chaffee, Jaycie Phillips of East Prairie, David Posey of Chaffee, Mandy Powell of East Prairie, Kathryn Price of Sikeston, Kylie Rapert of Sikeston, Colton Reinert of Puxico, Seth Ressel of Oran, Sidney Reynolds of Perkins, Misty Rizzo of East Prairie, Aleena Robbins of Essex, Skyler Robert of Scott City, Jillian Rojas of Gideon, Christopher Russell of Sikeston, Anna Sadler of Chaffee, Adriana Sanchez of Clarkton, Whitney Sandage of Dexter, Jesse Sanders of Scott City, Rhea Schaefer of Sikeston, Cam Schlosser of Sikeston,Olivia Schlosser of Oran, Tony Seabaugh of Scott City, Kolebe Shanks of Sikeston, Chase Silman of New Madrid, Natalie Sitze of Dexter,

Annie Slaton of Dexter, Jacob Smith of Charleston, MacKenzie Smith of Gideon, Madison Sprouse of New Madrid, Lexi Spurgeon of Chaffee, Christie Stallings of Sikeston, Camryn Stanfield of Bernie, Rachael Stephens of New Madrid, Tyler-Raye Summers (Brown) of New Madrid, Gracie Sutton of East Prairie, Audrey Testa of Sikeston, Paige Tucker of Chaffee, Ansel Underwood of New Madrid, Adam Van of Festus, Maegan Walker of Charleston, Micah Wallace of Sikeston, Carrie Wamble of Bertrand, Anna Ward of Portageville, Ashley Weathers of Bernie, Alexa Werneck of Dexter, Hannah Whitten of Sikeston, Kylie Wilhite of Oran, Jerry Williams of Portageville,

Makenzie Williams of East Prairie, Trevor Williams of Charleston, Breanna Williamson of Essex, Amy Wilson of Scott City, Brooke Wilson of Matthews,

Dalton Wilson of Advance, Tyler Wolf of Sikeston, JaxonMarie Wright of Sikeston, Dawson Yates of Sikeston, Austin Young of Sikeston, Addison Ziegler of Kelso, Bailey Zych of Puxico.