Friday, June 18, 2021

Where is code enforcement?

Yes, Iím wondering where code enforcement is because there are a lot of rent houses that are falling apart, not kept up. For example, there are five rent houses on 6th Street that are owned by the same people that have been empty for years. They are falling apart, there is junk everywhere. There is one at the corner of Lillian and Watson where a tree has fell on a carport and it has been empty, junked up. There is a house on the corner of 6th and Smith that has had a mattress out there, now itís got all sorts of furniture sitting on the front porch. Thatís just an example of one area. Over by the high school, itís all junky looking. I guess we just donít have code enforcement and we wonder why people donít want to come to town. Why this town is not growing. Thatís all I got to say. Thank you and have a good day.