Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Anybody getting money back?

Is anybody having trouble, besides me, getting into the showmemoney.com, which Fitzgerald has published the paper of lost claims, of lost monies. Before you could type in and get that and go to what you had and what you have to do to claim it. Now all Iím getting is a big run-around with a bunch of ads from people wanting to look up the information for you and then charge you $40 to do it. Does anybody know any answers on how to get this done? I have also called the treasurerís office and they told me again to go to showmemoney.com. When I do, I get a big runaround with a bunch of ads. Has anybody succeeded at getting their money back? Thank you.

Tractor will be in color

Well, Iíve noticed that the black-and-white commercial for the Fendt tractors didnít improve the looks of it any. But, at least we donít have to see how ugly they are in color. Unfortunately, if you all want to go get one, there is nothing you can do about it. It will be in color.