Saturday, October 9, 2021

Definition of hypocrisy?

I am glad to see that many governors and their supporters, have called in the military and national guard to help and support the health workers with the COVID-19 explosion. At the same time, many of these same governors and supporters are rejecting mandated masks and vaccinations. Is this the definition of hypocrisy?

Donate to the United Way

The United Way has been a key national partner of Labor for nearly 80 years. The past two years, working people have faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions have lost jobs and fallen sick. Thousands of us have died, and millions of working people who thought we were economically secure, have suddenly feared we could not feed our families. In times of profound challenge, the labor movement always steps up. We stand by each other, and the communities we live in and serve. Now it is time for those of us who are fortunate enough to be working to give back to our communities and to the working people who are in need today. That is why the Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council (SEMO CLC) asks everyone that is able to support the 2021 United Way Giving Campaign. Through our combined efforts, the Labor and United Way have worked for decades to meet our communities’ needs. During the pandemic, we have tried to assist by coordinating food distributions, teaching apprenticeship programs, partnering with government agencies to assist workers with unemployment benefits and more. If we are going to have a better day in America, we must work in partnership with effective local organizations who share our values. The United Way is a critical partner helping us do that. The SEMO CLC and the United Way share a common vision of prosperous, inclusive, and diverse communities, where everyone has access to a quality public education, fair wages, good jobs and affordable and quality healthcare. So, we ask you again, please support United Way in its 2021 giving campaign and help broaden our solidarity during this critical time.

Ditch the stickers

I think the “I Voted” stickers given to you at voting places should be eliminated. Wearing them creates political harassment and confrontations. People actually come up to you and ask you who you voted for and if you tell them then it creates political conversation good or bad. My vote is mine and none of your business period. I throw away the sticker as I walk out the polling door.

Biden votes were just anti-Trump votes

I suspect that many people who voted for Biden weren’t so much voting for him as they were voting against a self-absorbed, sociopathic habitual liar.

Get your facts straight

Dear, “Here we go again,” Before you write something stupid, you should have all your facts straight. Instead of repeating what CNN and CBS says.