Saturday, October 30, 2021

Are Republicans hypocrites?

For years I heard my Republican friends have so much fun criticizing Hillary Clinton because they thought she should have left Bill when he cheated on her. Here comes Donald Trump who had many more lady friends than Bill Clinton. I donít hear my Republican friends saying Melania should leave Donald. Thatís hypocrisy, isnít it?

What happened to man?

I was wondering what happened to the young man from Sikeston who was arrested for being at the Jan. 6 events in Washington, D.C. Could you print an update on him, please?

There are no new updates in the case that we are aware of. The case is in federal court.

Evidence proves no steal

The cyber ninjas took months to count the votes in Arizona. In Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan several recounts were conducted. In each instance, no fraud, no collusion, no stealing of the election. Yet, we have a former president and his deranged followers still claiming ďthe steal.Ē

Shatner set the record

Iím sure that William Shatner just made the Guinness world record for the oldest person to go to space. I think this record will last a long time. He is 90 years old.