Letter to the Editor

Veterans’ Day honors all who’ve served

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Dear Editors,

I am rereading your insert in honor of Veterans’ Day on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. I want to compliment you on such a fine tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for our country and our freedom. I viewed and read the service of those pictured in your supplement including many associated with the Standard Democrat and my friend, your father whom I served with in several organizations. The articles included in the tribute were well done and inspirational. Thank you for paying tribute to all of those who served our nation.

I did note that there was one reference to a group that had perished in Afghanistan. Those who have given their all are generally recognized on Memorial Day. I thought I should point out that there were 2,420 additional courageous American soldiers who gave their all during the 20-year long war in Afghanistan. There were also more than 4,500 other United States servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Wars in Iraq. Those soldiers serving their country did not have a (D) or (R) or (I) behind their names. They weren’t designated as red or blue, but served under the Red, White and Blue. I point this out as some of our courageous service men and women who gave their all were named in this Veterans’ Day Tribute, but the thousands of others who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom were not. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of these courageous men and women and their families.

As your advertisement on the last page of the supplement indicates Veterans’ Day, Nov. 11, 2021, was a day to honor the brave men and women that served in the United States military to protect our families, our country and our freedom and to those that have continued to do so, I want to thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Just My Thoughts,

Stephen L. Taylor,

former Captain, U.S. Army

Sikeston, Missouri

Editor’s note: We received the reference to the group who perished in Afghanistan as a submitted request for our veterans’ tab and always try to accommodate submitted entries. We apologize and understand, with your clarity, that this maybe should have been saved for Memorial Day as to not offend the many, many who have died for our country by singling out particular ones. We apologize and thank you and millions of others for your service to our country so we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today.