Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Caller is not informed

Apparently the person who called in the article “Tariffs cause high prices” doesn’t own a TV or receive a newspaper. It’s not tariffs, it’s the fact that Joe Biden all those shipping vessels out in the sea — he has a problem there. He’s shut down the pipelines, so gas prices are up. This has nothing to do with tariffs. Other countries put tariffs on our products also. This person really needs to take a history lesson somewhere because his whole article was untrue, absolutely false.

Why is a license to sell needed?

Maybe you can find why over here in Charleston, if you want to set up outside, maybe by the dollar store or something to sell something, you have to have a permit. Unless you’re like the VFW, Bar and Grill, Discount Cigarettes, that’s got those illegal machines in there making that free money with no taxes on them. Maybe you can talk to the city manager and find out why. Thank you.