Saturday, August 20, 2022

Who are they collecting for?

There is a group of people collecting money at the intersection of Main and Malone and also at the intersection out by McDonaldís on South Main, close to Walmart. Theyíre there every few weeks, every Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I wonder if you can tell me who they are and what they are collecting for. There are no signs posted and Iím just curious. Thank you.

Trump is a criminal

Only criminals plead the fifth amendment, because they are guilty. Trump is no exception.

Legislation passed despite Smith

U.S. veteransí exposure to burn pits legislation. Jason Smith voted no. It still passed. President Biden signed it into law. Today on TV, they reported that President Biden urged veterans, exposed to burn pits, to sign up today. Go to: va.gov/pact

Anyone loading truck

I was calling to see if there was anyone in the Sikeston area that was maybe loading a truck or something to take to Kentucky for the people that have lost everything. I wish I could see this in the paper where we could donate and maybe contribute to their loss. Thank you.

The Standard Democrat was not notified of anyone sending supplies to flood victims in Kentucky.

Rodeo unites races, political parties

I was recently at the rodeo and I seen Black, White, Hispanic, Republican, Democrats all mingling together having a great time. Please donít let Donald Trump divide this nation, this country, this city.

Keep the hate

I see a headline in Speakout that says ďStop the hateĒ regarding illegal immigrants. This person said that most illegal immigrants have jobs and are working just like everybody else. Isnít it illegal for illegal immigrants to be hired on a job? Isnít it illegal to hire illegal immigrants? I thought it was. Also, how do they pay their taxes unless they have a social security number? Do illegal immigrants have social security numbers? Also, the government gives millions of dollars to charities and the charities give millions of dollars to illegal immigrants. So they are on welfare, indirectly. They are using your tax payer monies through the charities that are given money from the government. Thatís a fact. Again, do they have social security numbers? If theyíre working on a job, how do they pay taxes? Itís illegal. Thank you.