Saturday, August 27, 2022

Lock him up

Remember when Donald Trump was always hollering “lock her up! Lock her up!” about Hillary (Clinton)? I don’t hear nobody say “lock him up.” He need to be locked up and I’ll tell you something else. It was a shame when you did that in that parade one time. When you had that woman like she was in jail, locked up like she was Hillary. This year maybe ya’ll can put Trump in jail and we can lock him up.

Not happy with performer

Having missed the rodeo for a few years and excited to be there was an understatement, I was not familiar with the performer but based on past experiences I knew it would be good. I left the show three songs too late! I have never been more offended and heartbroken at the trash and horrible language that was spoken and sung. The rodeo is supposed to be a God-fearing, American lovin’, family-oriented atmosphere. I can’t believe parents of small children stayed and supported the Jaycees. This goes to show how bad our country has declined and I am so disappointed and saddened by this. Never would this have taken place 20 years ago on stage in our community, in the days of True American Country Rodeo fashion. We will not be coming back so there will be two more VIP tickets available next year.

Rodeo is animal abuse

I was wondering why bull fighting and bull riding at the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo is not illegal. That’s animal abuse. That bull doesn’t want anyone on top of him or that horse or whatever it may be — bucking him off. That’s animal abuse, any way you say it.

Show compassion for all

To the SpeakOut contributor on Aug. 20 who posted “keep the hate.” I am sorry to see you post such hateful comments. Our constitution states that all “people are created equal” and one of the ten commandments is “love thy neighbor.” If you are a true American and a true Christian, you need to show compassion for all people. Hate only divides.

Railroad needs to get with it

Why isn’t the railroad required to cut down their three-foot brush through town? It is unsightly, most likely harboring critters and insects. The residents have to keep their yards mowed so shouldn’t they be required to keep their area’s nice as well? It is an eyesore and with dry weather a fire hazard.

What if?

In the Wednesday paper on Aug. 3, there was a woman or man about abortion that said “What if?” What if Edison had been aborted or something like that. I’m for abortion. Think how wonderful it would have been if Donald Trump would have been aborted. What good shape would this country be in now?