Letter to the Editor

Letter: Call to Gov. Parson

Friday, September 15, 2023

To the Honorable Gov. Parson,

Abortion, it brings many different thoughts and emotions to people. Itís a trigger word for many. Some are for, some are against. In Godís eyes, it is evil and wrong. Why does man want to kill innocent babies who have either not been born yet, or who are newborns as there are some who are advocating being able†to kill babies after so many days past birth.

We, as a society have lost our way, morally and spiritually. IP reform and concurrent majority†were† not dealt with during the regular legislative session as promised by leadership. Leadership lied and broke their promise to legislators.

Abortion will be put on the 2024 ballot as an amendment to the Missouri Constitution, as marijuana was in the last election. Petitions will be presented to make abortion legal in Missouri. If added to our State Constitution it will be almost impossible to remove. Do we really want to have that in our Constitution? I think not. Why would you want to be known as the governor who allowed abortion to be legal in our great state.† Abortion is the killing of human beings.

The Republican Party Platform states, we are the Party of Life. I urge you, Governor Parson, to call a Special Session on IP Reform and Concurrent Majority.

Keep Missouri a safe state to have children and raise a family.


John Bazel