SpeakOut 3/31

Monday, March 31, 2008

Call 471-6636

This is concerning the little red Dachsund that the paper said was lost. No, he wasn't. Some one over at Bertrand stole my dog out of a locked trailer. Whoever you are, if you still have him, please return him to me. He wasn't yours to take. I have the law in three different towns looking for him. If whoever took him will see that return him to his owner, you won't get into trouble. Please, I had the dog for health reasons. Please if you have any decency about you, I'd like very much for you to return him to me. There will be a reward for you. Please do this for me. I can't eat, nor sleep. I want him back, please. I live in Sikeston on 233 Moore Ave. Please return him to me. The dog means the world to me. Glenda

A big thanks to Gary my newspaper delivery man. When the flood waters was over my road, he double bagged my newspaper in plastic and laid it on the side of the road. Today the flood water is gone and he put Wendesday, Thursday and Friday's paper in my newspaper box. He's doing a great job. He needs a bonus.

We've been calling in several times about these limbs in our yards and the roadside. We want to know when the city of Morley is going to pick these up. They've been laying here since the 11th of February when we had that ice storm. They need to fix some of these streets too. You nearly lose your wheels and your tires when you drive over them. I don't know what they're doing with our city money, but they're not doing anything that I can see.

In response to the article on the 21st about the bus stop on Ruth Street, I had two children that used to catch that bus back in the early '80s. Not only did some people drive up and act like they were going to bother someone, my daughter was drug over into the car wash and hit several times by two girls. She didn't tell me about this until we moved because they threatened her and her little brother's life. They were so terrified they didn't say anything about it.

This is to the parent on the 800 block of Ruth Street. You are supposed to be there at the bus stop with your children to protect them.

This is to the fat ladies at Wal-Mart that touched my child, pushed her out of line so they could get by. You know what, you are old enough to know what the words excuse me mean. If you can't use them, please, do not even enter my air space or enter my child's air space. And as a matter of fact, why don't you just pack your stuff and leave this town? We don't need you here, we're trying to make this a better place to live. Mike, I guarantee that you won't print this, but have at it.

I just read in SpeakOut about the gentleman in Scott County that wants the road going to his house paved, that's approximately 1,000 feet long. Maybe we could set up some people at the door at Wal-Mart and some of the other stores and take up a collection. Go door to door and maybe pick up donations from $1 to $10. Also, maybe he can come forth with a little bit of money.

I understand and appreciate everything the Miner Fire Department does for the community. What I don't understand is how the management of the Sikeston Factory Outlet stores can allow their entrance to be blocked. I know these hard working men and women are collecting money for a good cause, but the last thing I want is to be harassed when I'm going in to do my shopping. I would like an answer to why the management and owners of the mall allow their entrance to be blocked. It seems that they would want more people flowing into their business, not less.