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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Saying thanks

To the citizens of the area:

Please say thank you to Ellen Brandom's Artrain USA Steering Committee. The committee's long months, days and hours of work made the visit of Artrain USA possible.

The Sikeston Depot (Sikeston Cultural Development Corporation) is proud to have been the sponsor for such a unique opportunity and would like the community to recognize the personnel, the amount of work and the involvement of the Artrain USA Steering Committee.

Ellen Brandom, general chairperson, led the committee with vigor and made sure all the deadlines and goals set by Artrain USA were met. Ellen's close contact with the Artrain head office made the train visit run smoothly.

No event of this magnitude can occur without funds. Charlie Scott, finance, worked with the community to acquire the money needed to bring Artrain USA to the Sikeston Depot.

Elizabeth Wilson orchestrated the successful fund-raising reception that made the moon rock and models from Marshall Space Center possible.

Imagine having to get 80 volunteers and making sure that they receive the required training. Pam Bedell attended community club meetings and stayed on the phone to find the volunteers.

Anita Sharp solicited extra volunteers to help inside the Depot. Marilyn Schwaninger recruited some of the area's finest local artists to demonstrate their talent on the Artrain. All recruits did a very fine job.

Publicity is critical to inform the citizens of the community of such an event. Missy Marshall saturated the area with the news of Artrain USA's visit to the Bootheel. Marcia Manning was the right person to be special event coordinator. Her knowledge of NASA brought speakers and material from the space program to Sikeston, which enhanced the Artrain visit.

Last, but certainly not least, Jim Schwaninger must be recognized for the extended hours he worked as facility manager. Phones, security, power, permits, set up and the placement of the train all became the responsibilities of this chairman.

The Sikeston Depot is grateful to the above hard working group of people for their help in bringing the Artrain USA to the Bootheel of Missouri.

Thank you,

Judy Bowman,

Education chairperson, Board of Directors

Sikeston Cultural Development Corp.