SpeakOut 12/31

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

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This story is about a nice man who lives in Sikeston. When this man noticed that we were having difficulty getting the merchandise we had just purchased into our car on Friday, he stopped to help us. When he saw it was just too large for the car, he offered to take it across town in his truck for us. He even loaded it and reloaded it into the truck. After all that, he still refused the token of appreciation we offered hm and went on his way. We failed to get his name, but would like to say thank you again, if he should be reading this article. There are still some wonderful, caring people out there if you are just lucky enough to meet them. This man lives in Pine and drives a beige pickup. Maybe you know him. I'm sure he makes a wonderful neighbor.

Referring to the Dec. 26 SpeakOut, "The Bible says..." about homosexuality, your references to the Bible and what it supposedly says about homosexuality, not your references are to Old Testaments, letters of Paul and Jude, Jude dates 100 years after Christ and Paul is again a church leader, not Jesus. I made reference to what Jesus actually said. There is much in the Old Testament that churches claim not to follow today. Your quote from the New Testament or church leaders, it's a leadership policy in the Christian churches. Paul is the one who averted the Christian church from its true course into a politically submissive organization. So I cannot accept your quotes as any kind of valid judgment on the situation.

I went to a store in Sikeston and all I had was a $100 bill. I stopped in to buy a hair brush and said they couldn't break a $100 bill unless I spent at least $30. I am on low income and couldn't afford to spend $30. I had to have my money to pay my bills.

Call the store manager and ask if this is the store's policy.

I just finished reading Josh Bill's second letter to the editor where he wishes merry Christmas. Reading that letter, that might be the only true statement he has to tell us. Josh Bill rambles on and on about all this information and trying to scare the general public. Who declared him the expert of our city government and its financial statements? Does Josh Bill even know how to do a financial statement or balance a budget? Who made him an expert? I guess he has appointed himself to be that way. Anyway, Mike, I would think that after allowing him to put this letter in the paper, you would give us the facts Josh Bill has skewed all over the place here.