Is news about O.J. really news at all?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pray tell me why we have to endure more O.J. Simpson? The disgraced murderer (regardless of the outcome of a circus trial) has managed to keep himself in the news once again with an armed robbery in Las Vegas. I couldn't care less about the details of the alleged crime. I just want O.J. to quietly fade into the woodwork.

We have a national obsession with Simpson unlike any other I can imagine. There is still an overwhelming consensus that Simpson did in fact commit two murders - his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. But our system of justice says every man gets their day in court and Simpson had his. Unfortunately, I will never accept the verdict in the Simpson murder trial and, believe me, I am most certainly not alone. That trial was about race. But that's ancient history.

Despite a civil verdict that ordered Simpson to pay millions to the Goldman family, not one cent has yet to be forthcoming. In other words, Simpson continues to flaunt the law and thumb his nose at society. I assume that is his privilege. But I've had my fill of his name in the news.

The beef in Las Vegas involved some Simpson memorabilia. Now if Simpson is selling these items, does the money go to the Goldmans? And if Simpson is not getting any of the proceeds from the sale of these items, doesn't it make you wonder why he would be so aggressive to gain their return? So many questions, so few answers.

I truly believe Simpson thinks he is above the law. He clearly proved it once. Why not again? And again. And again.

Like it or not, Simpson will return to the news to whet our insatiable appetite for celebrities gone amuck. There are ample items in the news that are truly important to the American public. O. J. Simpson is not included on that list of important items. He is at best a disgraced, pathetic footnote in history.

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