Letter to the Editor

Your view: An answer?

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Standard Democrat editorial of Nov. 14, 2007, is thought provoking. It complains abut the $9 trillion public debt that the Feds admit to. The truth is that the debt is actually greater, but that's another story. The last three sentences read:

"It took this nation from George Washington to Ronald Reagan to reach the first $1 trillion in debt. And now just in 25 short years, we are at $9 trillion. The first political candidate who gives a concrete solution to this dilemma gets my vote. Any takers?"

Yes, and you have answered your own question. Admitting that Reagan and the two Bushes accumulated the $9 trillion, you should also admit that most of the $9 trillion is the war in Iraq. So the obvious answer is GET OUT.

Respectfully yours,

Bill D. Burlison


< i>Editors note: Let's not omit Bill Clinton's eight years in office. And no, most of the $9 trillion is not from the war in Iraq. Check your numbers.