Speakout 4/13

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A terrible mistake was made in Monday night's council meeting when they talked without any regard to what the citizens had to say about removing their own vehicles or other things off of private property. That is a travesty. We can't have anything on our own property, even if it is well kept. Something is wrong with this. We have a son who is in the service and won't be back for 18 months. We have to license and insure a vehicle that will not be used for 18 months or else be fined or put in jail. The City Council needs help. We just had an election but that didn't help anything. They had their minds made up when they went into that meeting. There was supposed to be a second reading. There wasn't any second reading. They had their minds made up as to what they were going to do. I'm sorry I voted for the city manager and the others up there. I'll do my best to get every one of them off of there.

The railroad company is going to tear down houses on North West Street. There are three new houses there and they have to bring a track from the north and south bound side and connect it to the east and west bound side. Someone bought the old Malone and Hyde building. Why can't they connect the track to the power plant railroad track and just run that building instead of tearing those houses down? That's my question. My answer is that the big shots don't want it like this. This is the way they want it and this is the way it will be. People have been living in some of these houses for 75-80 years and three houses they're planning to demolish are new homes. The government should help us relocate and pay all the expenses we have to pay to find another place to live. It's a shame that they're allowed to do this when there is another solution.

I think they got the wrong girl testifying under oath. They should have had Bill Clinton testify as to why he didn't do anything. They bombed the ship and killed 17 American soldiers. Then they bombed and tore up our American building overseas. If Clinton had done something when he was president, we wouldn't have had that during the first seven months when President Bush was in there. I feel sorry for Condoleezza Rice, but I know she will tell the truth.