Speakout 4/28

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Concerning Miner, your employees won't even mow the grass. What makes you think they'd trim a tree?

To the person who said that being a native of Sikeston and Miner not wanting our revenue, you have to use Sikeston's name or nobody knows where the businesses are. It's sure nobody knows where Miner is.

To the person who said to quit complaining about the loud music, you must be one of those people who play their music loud. Not everyone has a 9-5 job anymore. Some people have swing shifts and sleep at different times of the day. Others have babies or small children who can't sleep because of your noise when you go up and down the road. Even people in their 40s are sometimes getting irritated with the loud music, much less what the elderly have to put up with. I'm glad they put the ordinance through.

I was at work on April 20 at a residential care facility in Sikeston. A man came in and told me a resident was walking down the street. He asked me if I was aware of this. Unfortunately, I wasn't. So some co-workers and I ran to get her but before we could reach her, she had fallen. The wind was so strong that day that every time she tried to get up, the wind would knock her down. My supervisor jumped into her vehicle to get the patient quicker. By this time, a young woman driving by stopped in the middle of the street, ran over to help the resident. We finally reached the scene and were able to help the resident. I want to thank this young woman for her help. As we were getting the resident back into the facility, I heard a horn blow. I looked up and saw a man waving from a school bus. This man apparently had stopped his bus to come in to alert us of this matter. We would also like to thank him and send him a token of appreciation if we knew who he was or where he worked. If anyone knows this driver, please ask him to call 471-6484 and ask for Gail. May God bless him and the young lady who stopped to help. There are still some good people in the world.

I would like to SpeakOut about the recent SpeakOut concerning Kenny Rogers. To begin with, I want to respond to the reply. The caller had never indicated that Kenny Rogers was in any way less than a man because he didn't sign autographs. Also, I'd like to mention the fact that he is expecting identical twins in June. If he has planned an additional family, he's not so old and decrepit that he can't sign autographs. But this is just my opinion.

Age physically affects different people in different ways. Maybe you could ask his manager why he no longer signs autographs. The fact that writing could be difficult or painful at his age has nothing to do with him being an expectant father. Entertainers who play musical instruments often develop problems with their hands and arms, just as others who use their hands constantly in their line of work.