Speakout 3/9

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

I am looking for an automatic coin machine where you can put money in and it will wrap them for you. Does anybody know where I can buy one?

To a person I have been friends with, I have always wondered why you are always the last person to leave work. You should go home after work instead of where you don't belong.

I read SpeakOut about the new daycare in Charleston. Thank you to all the people who have worked to make that possible. This daycare is for people who need one in the Charleston area. The caller must have been a person from Sikeston. You need to look at your teen pregnancy rate and the drugs in your schools.

I saw on the news where they're talking about eliminating Social Security and Medicare for all the Baby Boomers. I would like to see all the government employees (starting from the top: politicians, CIA, FBI, postal worker and military), those who qualify for pensions as well as all the fringe benefits - I would like to see them lose their benefits the same way the younger people who have paid into Social Security today may lose theirs. If we're going to lose Social Security and Medicare, I think these people should lose their benefits as well.

To the people who are so generous to those on disability, you have to be able to prove your disability before you get Social Security. If anyone is lying, then maybe it's the medical profession that is allowing this to happen. I worked all my life in law enforcement and was injured on the job and not allowed to return to work. I was put on disability and will be glad to trade paychecks with any of you until I am able to go back to work. So quit being so jealous and get on with your life.

I am calling about the Feb. 27 SpeakOut about SSI for children who have ADD. Before this person calls to put their 2-cents worth in, they need to check their information. I am a single mother, I work a full-time job and raised two boys by myself. One of my sons has ADHD. I don't get welfare, food stamps or child support from his father (I do get Medicaid). I know families with two working parents who get Medicaid. You can't look down on me because my child gets SSI and Medicaid. My child has a learning disability and his check goes every month to go for private schooling. He was being held back because he couldn't even pass kindergarten. Now he is in a class because he is making better grades because he receives one-on-one care (which the SSI pays for) plus his medication. This isn't only about the money. My child developed a "tic" because of the medication he was on and now we have to fight his illness without the medication because he developed a jerking sensation from it and can no longer take it. Not everyone who draws a check is on welfare. How dare you look down on me for things you don't even understand. You need to get your facts straight before you open your mouth again. Obviously, either you were turned down for SSI, you're mad or you're one of these people who sits up on their high horse and are such a hypocrite that you can't stand for somebody else to have what you don't have.

Dear "parent" - really? That's the way to communication from the workshop here in Sikeston began. Though there are no children, we all are past school age. Some of the employees here have either a mental or physical disability, but they are not stupid. The last communication was, "Dear Parent: We will be working until 5 clock until further notice. We have contracts to fill so please see that your child is here. Thank you." Notice the English? Also, it's pretty bad when you can't even lean against a wall that was painted a month ago without being yelled at and there are big boxes stacked up against the same wall. We work hard. Some people are even working with electric files, nail guns, etc. - almost like a sawmill. I hope you print this because some people need to really understand what's going on out there.