Speakout 9/8

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

In answer to the Bush-hater who talked about Bush going to Iraq, he's already been there. He went over there to see them (troops) for Christmas. Harry Truman sure didn't come see us in Korea. He was too busy looking after his daughter's piano career. He wasn't interested in Korea.

I'm sorry, but it gets more pathetic by the day. Kerry must be dishing out a lot of Heinz' money to get those few people to cover for him. Anyone who believes Kerry against dozens of veterans who just sat back and never bragged about being in Vietnam, and made-up injuries to get Purple Hearts - he claims he had volunteered when, in fact, he put in for a deferment and didn't get it. It's amazing to me that there was no upset about the lies and accusations against President Bush that made that movie by that fat little "Moore" guy - "Fahrenheit 911." Now Kerry wants to have Ashcroft to charge the Swift Boat Ducks with crimes. Crimes for what? Telling the truth? It has no connection with President Bush. The vets told the truth after listening to Kerry blow about being a big war hero. He was not hurt in enemy fire at all and being in Vietnam four months does not qualify him to be president. He has brought on these problems by himself by trying to run on his lies. He has nothing else to run on.

President Bush was required to keep quiet and not campaign the week of the Democratic National Convention. Will Kerry sit back and shut up or will he sit there with more lies? He just had an ad on the radio calling Bush a "liar" and accusing him of misleading us for four years. Bush doesn't sit and make up lies. What's with this guy?

Is there an extra-big fine for those people who are in too big a hurry to drive the 20 mph speed limit through a school zone? This should include bus drivers for Sikeston Public Schools. I am sitting here in line at Southeast Elementary School and the buses roll through here way over the speed limit. I'm scared for all the kids who are out here trying to walk or ride their bicycles home. It's pitiful!

I am calling about a man and woman riding in a pickup truck with a little kid (about 1 year old) in the bed of the truck. I thought this was against the law. Something should be done.

We agree. You can call DPS at 471-4711 with the license plate number and file a complaint with DPS. All calls are kept confidential.

Why weren't the teachers from Morehouse Elementary School included in the picture of the new teachers to the Sikeston Public School District? They weren't even mentioned. My grandchildren go to Morehouse Elementary and I love it. The teachers are all very nice and they are very happy going to school there. Since it is a part of the Sikeston School District, these teachers should have been recognized, also.

I noticed where there was tons of dog food taken to the humane society. What about all the little kittens out there. I know there are dozens out there because I went and adopted one and he is very special. Those kittens need food, too. I hope they collect some for the kittens.

The Sikeston Bootheel Humane Society will gladly accept donations of food for both dogs and cats.

Something needs to be done with the burned-out property on Poplar Avenue in Morehouse. There are weeds five feet tall and it's breeding rats, mosquitoes and snakes. It is unbearable to live with. It's been like this for a year now and something needs to be done with it.

Have you called city hall or spoken with your alderman?