Speakout 12/9

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Do you want fast, friendly, courteous postal service? If so, go to Blodgett and do you postal business with Carl. He helped me track down a piece of lost mail when the local one said to fill out a form and they would turn it in for me. Thank you, Carl.

Why was there only one mention and no more discussion or no more heard from Cheney's daughter who went to Iraq as a human shield? Did the Shiites over there put her under lock and key? Is that where she's been ever since? I haven't heard a word about her. Is she OK? Or did Cheney commit her to a mental institution or something?

How can our churches and the Christian people in the United States of America sit back and let the Supreme Court judges on the Court do what they have done in our country? They have taken prayer out of our schools, made abortion legal and now the gays have the right to get married. What is amazing is, the gay people have the right to adopt children and we, the Christian people, have just sat back and allowed these things to happen. We should eliminate the judges in the state and national Supreme Court, clean house and put new judges in the Court who will stick behind the Christian people. Our rights have been taken away in this country and we just don't do anything about it. The gay people are coming out of the woodwork now and are proud to say that they're gay. It's time for the Christians to come out of the woodwork and start putting people in office and give honor and praise to God.

I was in Legion Park recently and the amount of glass on the square around the Christmas tree makes it unfit for man or beast to walk. This is what we pay our taxes for. Can't this city find someone with a broom and pan to get the glass up? Why would you print something that contradicts the call-in about the salaries of the upper levels of administration in this city? We all know the ordinary worker makes diddly-squat. But what happens, and we all know this, is that one group of insiders who pass the big jobs around among themselves - we know how this works. Let the in-crowd board guys give up one of their lunches and go sweep the park!

I was reading about "Victims need to know." That doesn't always work. People who do that try to keep their affairs a secret until they get caught. Then they call the people they cheated on liars and everything else.