Speakout 9/15

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I hope Ron Greenlee didn't spend a lot of time on his letter about the Republican National Convention (RNC) being in New York. I also hope that he didn't think it was that clever, although I'm quite sure he did. I guess he believes that his babbling will deter all of those who wasted their time reading his view from the fact that as bad as he thinks Bush is, he still leads Kerry who couldn't even get a slight bounce after the Democratic National Convention, unlike Bush who got one after the RNC. He's probably upset that the flip-flopper's campaign is being run so poorly that he had to waste millions in August when he was trying to save every dime. Now he's had to change those running his campaign. Someone tell Mr. Heinz that Mr. Greenlee has plenty of time, probably too much, to help out. And he's clever to boot. Of course, New York City was the ideal place, both politically and more importantly economically, to hold the RNC, but that's not as important as being cute and wasteful with words in a letter to the paper.

If John McCain runs for President in 2008, we may find ourselves watching ads by Hanoi Hilton Veterans for Truth, saying that Lieutenant McCain shot down his own plane over North Vietnam.

As much as I have respected John McCain in the past, I think he overlooked one major thing in his quest to be peacemaker. The Democrats have attempts to heed his call while the Republicans have totally ignored him. This creates a disadvantage for the Democrats because it puts him through the Republican strategy of accusing Democrats of being weak. McCain's attempts at being peace making and to direct the dialogue to important issues will not work as long as the Republicans create this distraction as far as their strategy. This one issue McCain seems to avoid. It is also not his place to decide what should be discussed if the discussion can be backed up with facts. That amounts to censorship. I think it's time to stop putting McCain in the middle and focus on what people who hold the power are really doing and what that means to our future. Unfortunately, John McCain is not running for president and he does not represent the power base of the current Republican Party.

I agree with the caller who was upset about Bush letting the ayatollah in Iraq command our soldiers. That was a wrong decision. I have family in the war over there. This is just wrong! Kerry is correct on this issue; "W" stands for wrong. We should not let an ayatollah be commanding our troops in Iraq. Bush is wrong!

As I watched the news and Bush's lies unfold, I am reminded of a phrase my mother used to use when I was a child: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

Our opinion of George W. Bush, first of all, he bought and paid for his job. He did not earn it. He was not elected to be president. Seniors, the reason your drug costs do not go down is because he has gotten an enormous amount of donations from the drug companies (the main dealers). Please, please don't vote for this man again. Get him out of there quick and fast.