Speakout 12/8

Monday, December 8, 2003

Why are the egg prices so high? They seem to have gone up in the last month and a half and are continuing to go up.

We called Mike Riney at the Sikeston Market Place, who was able to get the following information for you. The Environmental Protection Agency shut down to major egg suppliers in the United States because the producers were not conforming with federal regulations. These suppliers provided 25 percent of the nation's egg supply. This closure caused the demand of the egg market to go up and now the cost of eggs is the record high for this country.

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground...." (Genesis 3:19) We have too many people in our society capable of work who are unwilling to do so. We have too many people in our society willing to support those unwilling to work. This frustrates the natural order of life. This frustrates the many who work to put bread on their families' tables. This diverts resources away from those who are not capable of work. It is more charitable to all of society to require those who are unwilling to work to earn their daily bread, rather than enabling them not to.


Even though the property that houses Big Lots has been sold and Big Lots is closing, the other three businesses on that site will remain open.

It is really uncalled for for a grown man to beat up 1-year-old babies and a 14-year-old. This person lives in Sikeston and something should be done about it.

Has this incident been reported to the Sikeston Department of Public Safety (471-4711) or Division of Family Services (472-5222)?