Speakout 4/16

Friday, April 16, 2004

A while back, there was an item in SpeakOut about a group of people who build ramps and things for low income people. It was called "Habitat" for something. If you have the phone number, please let me know or put it in SpeakOut again.

Sikeston needs bicycle racks in every park, at every public building. It would encourage people to use an alternate means of transportation. It would also possibly expand our community life somewhat.

Does anyone know how to clean a white collar that is attached to a dress of a very bright color? I need to get it white again because it's kind of yellowed and I need to know how to do it safely without damaging the dress.

The best way to tell that this Iraqi thing is going bad is to listen to what Bush and Cheney are saying. First we heard, "mission accomplished." Then Bush tells the Iraqis to "bring it on." Now after the hanging of four Americans from a bridge, Bush is silent. Where was Bush while this catastrophe unfolds and Americans are dying? He's down at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, filming a fishing show with Roland Martin and having a barbecue with Ducks Unlimited and the NRA. Americans die and Bush is in way over his head. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a clue on how to fix this quagmire.

How in the world can anyone vote again for George W. Bush when he has literally destroyed our country in three years? One more year would about do it in. Please, please get him out of office. He has done nothing but cause trouble.

When are these Republicans going to quit blaming Bill Clinton for the mess this country is in? We didn't have all this stuff until George W. Bush came into office. Please get him out. He is nothing but a troublemaker.

This is response to the April 11 SpeakOut where a caller spoke about the city enforcing the no tolerance law. It's time for the city to do that. I live by people who have junk vehicles in their yard, they don't care. They keep getting a slap on the wrist. I'm glad the city is finally standing up and saying "enough is enough." It's time we cleaned this town up and take a step in the right direction. Those people who don't like it, maybe they need to move out of town. That's where they should be anyway, the ones who want to keep their yards junked up.